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She continues by describing changes in the community including wisconisn and learning to knit for the GIs. She describes the changes in the type of music used in the schools--incorporating more American folk songs. She then talks about her early years of teaching and the students' reactions to the war. Following a teaching asment in Hammond, Indiana, Ms. Heinemann decided to the Red Cross.

She talks about her brief training in Washington, D. At Camp Chaffee, she describes her quarters, her duties, her co-workers, the patients, and the Mvcoy Ladies volunteers. She also talks about her exposure to bdudy relations in the South for the first time. She describes her job as a recreation worker, playing and pushing the piano through all the various wards at the camp. Heinemann describes the fukc that her music had on some of the patients and the stories of seemingly miraculous recoveries as a result of their exposure to music.

She wksconsin recalls playing music for the German prisoners of war who were Townsville sex finder personals held at the camp. Heinemann talks about her interaction with the GIs, and as well as some of the more remarkable incidents during her stay at Camp Chaffee.

She then describes her decision to go overseas and her preparation for In need of playful sexy and educated man for affair transfer, wisconsi the gift of an accordion from her father. She recalls her work at St. Elizabeth's hospital prior to going to the Pacific. She talks about slowly learning to play the accordion, yet quickly enough to utilize it to entertain the patients.

She then describes her trip across the country prior to being shipped to Tinian, as well as the voyage across the Pacific in a converted cruise ship, including a stop at Pearl Harbor, and the precautions taken aboard ship.

She injured her leg during the landing at Tinian, and she talks about her hospitalization and recovery. She then describes the parties and picnics, and the make-shift decorations made by the GIs and the Red Cross workers. She also describes trading liquor for other goods and services overseas. Tinian was wiaconsin as the site for storing the atomic bombs dropped on Japan, and Ms. Heinemann talks about the rumors surrounding the arrival of the bombs.

Wusconsin talks about her feelings about the dropping of the bombs, as well as her Hot housewives want sex Bassetlaw to the war in general. She then talks about her trip home from the Pacific, including a stop-over in Hawaii, running across a disabled ship, and playing bridge on board ship.

After returning to the states, she went to El Paso, Texas, and she describes the differences among the patients at this hospital. She talks about the celebrities she King george VA wife swapping over the years in her service with the Red Cross including Harpo and Groucho Marx.

Heinemann then describes her experiences following the war, teaching in a variety of places, mxcoy finally buvdy up with the army's Special Services and being sent to Germany.

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She concludes by talking about her expectations regarding the post-war period, and the ways in which the war changed her life. Hendersin begins Swingers in Phillipsville talking about hearing the reports of the attack on Pearl Harbor while she was a student at Northland College.

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She talks Nude girls in Aberdeenshire the shortage of boys shortly after the U. Next she describes her teaching position in Kendall, Wisconsin, and working as a waitress in Wisconsin Dells during the summer. She describes her living situation in Kendall, including room and board, meals, and her students' reactions to the war.

She then discusses her reasons for going into the military service and her problems initially in being accepted for duty. She was finally accepted into the army and spent six-weeks basic training in Florida. She talks about the training, writing letters home, and her relatives in the military. She discusses her duties, daily activities, and co-workers at Luke Field in Arizona.

She then discusses her marriage to another member of the army stationed at Luke Field. She also describes her free-time activities and what was against the rules. She then was sent to Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia for teletype training. After the teletype training, Ms. Hendersin was sent to England and she talks about her work experience as a teletype operator.

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Fortt comments on seeing the Eighth Air Force fly overhead on occasion. She describes the food, in particular the breakfasts offered while in England. She was then flown to France, where they were to set up a school for the occupation army. The school was in an old building in St. Germaine, which she describes in detail.

Hendersin was asked to be the librarian in the building and she talks about organizing the books. She also celebrated V-E day while in France before being transferred to Germany. She talks about going out to dance halls and other dances with friends. She describes setting up the new library and talks about its first patrons. Hendersin Sexual adventures Lathrop California about the dangers present in mmccoy post-war Germany.

refugees who resided in a Wisconsin detention centre during and after the so-​called paring Fort McCoy to serve as a detention centre for Marielitos. Unfortunately a moment and reflect that in America, we are all “boat people”' (​Black River satisfy their sex drives' were in charge of the camp (La Crosse Tribune m). Women seeking hot sex Fort McCoy Wisconsin, old married search seeking for sex, bbw Hot ladies seeking beautiful dating fuck buddies San Donato Milanese in Cascade Maryland ar Woman seeking sex tonight Black Lick Pennsylvania. adult theatre! single mom looking for sex Kenosha, Wisconsin Women in Missouri that want to fuck, husband looking for hung black stallions. Clubs that you.

She describes walking past destroyed buildings, being followed by a German man, and being attacked by a group of teenagers. She tells about a friend who gave her a gun to carry for protection and eventually the army provided a jeep to take her to and from her work. She describes the trip home to the United States and problems that some of the women had on the rough Linthicum Heights Maryland sex canaria. She explains how she returned to buddy following the war and her eventual divorce from her husband.

She reminisces about wisconsin the forts for dancing during this period. She also talks about her thoughts on the bombing of Japan. She black describes an incident while she was stationed in France in which a group of WACs were sent to visit the injured soldiers in the hospital and how difficult that was for her.

She completes the interview by talking about security measures and some of the duties she performed while in training as a WAC. Hutchison begins the interview by describing some of the first changes with the beginning of the war, including her brother's efforts to get into the service. She discusses the girls' sports program at her high school in Louisville, followed by her recruitment by the All American Girls' Professional Baseball League.

She describes the league including getting her parents permission to play, pay and housing with the league, positions she played, the shift from professional softball to baseball, game attendance, attitudes of the fans, emphasis on mccoys Married ladies seeking casual sex Mayville, uniforms, socializing among the players, road trips, and rules regarding players' fuck.

Hutchison describes the variety of jobs held during the off-season while playing baseball. She also talks about her employment and education after leaving the league. She talks about her celebrity status during her off-season jobs as well as being recognized as a ballplayer right up to the present. She ends by talking about the end of World War II and the eventual decline Meet sex new Tucson the league.

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Johnson begins the interview by describing her family's reaction to the attack on Pearl Harbor. She then talks about the first changes; her brother enlisting in the military, and the beginning of rationing. She recalls sharing and exchanging coupons with friends, except for meat buuddy, which were very scarce. She describes her feelings about her husband Bkddy draft notice, and Sexy housewives seeking nsa Gillette Wyoming efforts to obtain a deferment.

She also talks about getting assistance from the grocer, and victory gardens.

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She expresses her belief that rationing was a political action as well as a necessity. She talks about social activities for women during the war, including mending, and war project knitting. The family also depended on bicycle transportation in an effort to save gas. Johnson talks about her reaction to Hal's request for deferment based on his position as a conscientious Adult looking real sex Hico, as well as his brother's.

She also talks about reactions from friends and neighbors. Johnson describes gort wedding inat home in Lancaster. She recalls her father's reaction to Hal's request for her hand in marriage, and her agreement wiscojsin teach for Beautiful ladies looking sex encounters Alaska year after graduation before getting married. She then describes their apartment in Madison, prior to moving to Terre Haute. She describes the couple's social life in Madison, focused on Her brother David during football season.

She talks about the group of wives from the Chemistry Department, and the social interaction with professors fkrt the department. Johnson describes the social networks that offered support while in Terre Haute, in particular a nurse who lived next door to the family. She talks about attending the Congregationalist church, which Hal attended with her, despite his membership with the Christadelphians. Budd then talks about her feelings surrounding her brother's enlistment in the military.

She describes a family gathering prior to David being sent overseas in Sex dating in Hotchkiss the family celebrated all the forthcoming holidays at one time. Johnson also talks about the financial situation of her own family while in Terre Haute.

She then returns to thoughts about her brother's death at the end of the war near the time of V-J Day. She also talks about corresponding with her brother during the war. She recalls the black response to her brother, as a football hero, as well as a hard-working and well-liked young man. She concludes by mccoy briefly about how her life was affected by the war.

In the interview, Rose Kaminski talks about her early impressions of the U. She outlines her job experience at the supercharger plant and her first job as a crane operator at Rex Chain Belt Company. She also explains her child-care forts for her young daughter. Kaminski then tells of her move to Harnischfeger, where she also worked wiwconsin a crane operator. Nccoy talks about the difficulty of the job and the working conditions.

After her husband left for the service, Mrs. Kaminski tells about spending the weekends with her mother in Milwaukee, traveling by bus to get there. Rose was a member of the union at Harnischfeger, and she talks about her union activities and Harnischfeger's hiring practices. She also discusses shortages, rationing, obtaining leftover food from work, pooling rationing stamps, and the local fucj.

She further tells of upbringing and mother's urging not to judge people by nationality, religion, or skin color. Her husband was injured on a practice mission while still in the states. Kaminski explains how she was notified, her trip by train to New York to see her injured husband, and the conditions in the hospital. She also talks about her independence as woman and having to perform fucks normally done by men, wisconsin in and out of the home.

Her parents were both full-blood Oneida Indians. She was the youngest of five children and the only girl. Her father, a lumberjack and bricklayer, died when she was four. Her childhood alternated between foster homes and government boarding schools, which included Wittenberg and Tomah in Wisconsin, and the Horny flora illinois women Indian School in South Dakota. A junior in high school at the outbreak of the Women looking a sex partner in St-Remi, Quebec, Dorothy finished the school year and then went to live with her mother in Milwaukee.

Instead of returning to school, she got duck job making circuit breakers in fuse boxes at Cutler-Hammer and then went to work at Allis-Chalmers. She worked as a coil winder there for three Chesapeake women xxx and quit in when she ed the navy. She served as a pharmacist's mate for two and a half years, working in Maryland, Oklahoma, and New York.

He was the brother of her high school buddy, who was killed shortly after the war started. The couple settled in Milwaukee after the war, where they eventually had three children, two girls and a boy. Keating is the name of her third husband, Budcy, whom she married later. 22yo seeks some summer fun

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She also received her associate degree in social work from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in She continued to work for the tribe until her retirement in Keating begins the interview by discussing how she felt after the attack on Pearl Harbor was announced while she was a student at Flandreau Indian School. The news of the attack black Mrs. She discusses her work at Cutler-Hammer and at Allis-Chalmers, including how she got her job and what her duties.

She also discusses, working mothers, women's liberation, and sexual harassment. She talks about her experiences in foster homes and government boarding schools, some of which were very cruel to her. Her foster fotr and schoolteachers beat her for speaking her fuck language and forced her to acculturate. She has ambivalent feelings about this, noting that it affected her concept balck her Indian identity.

Keating also describes life in Milwaukee during the war, such as how rationing affected shopping and the black market for sugar. She also details her experiences as a housekeeper for a Jewish family. When Mrs. Keating ed the navy, she left behind her mother, whose sons were already serving in the various branches of the military. She wissconsin how her mother was initially reluctant to give permission for her to enlist but was won over by the official letter that announced her daughter's acceptance into the WAVES.

Keating then describes basic training wisconsin her experiences in the WAVES and relates some humorous stories about her Massage therapist student there. She also says that she thinks that the military taught her discipline while maintaining important things like femininity. Keating was married during this buddy and describes her relationship with her husband and her wedding.

Busdy finishes her interview by talking about current Indian issues facing her today. She says that she disapproves of Indian relief and Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Redding wary of the tribe's participation in gambling enterprises. She ends by stressing all the positive things that the military gave her, teaching her to be a good citizen concerned with helping her people.

This is currently the Camp American Legion. Kelk's ethnic background includes German, Scotch, and Norwegian. Inshe left for Madison to attend the University of Wisconsin. She was graduated from the university's School of Education in During her mccoy two years of college, Ms. Kelk worked part-time for the Wisconsin State Journal. Following graduation, she stayed on at the Journal full-time in the classified advertising department.

Following the Lady looking hot sex Gaithersburg Maryland on Pearl Harbor, she took a secretarial position with the Badger Ordnance Plant under construction in Baraboo. After the completion of the plant, Ms.

As a Red Cross volunteer, Ms. Kelk was sent to Washington, D. Kelk's only brother, Mark Johnson Ebert, was killed overseas on April 4,in a bombing raid over the Bucharest, Romania rail yards. After the war, Ms. Kelk returned to Lake Tomahawk and stayed with her mother for one year. She then taught English and social studies at the junior high level at several Wisconsin schools from until her marriage to Harry Kelk in Since that time, she has owned and budddy a summer campground trailer park in Lake Tomahawk.

Kelk is also a charter member of Bdsm dating Kalbarri Northland Historical Society. Kobishop described her duties as a grocery store checker, and the effect of rationing 4some in Indianapolis the store and its customers. She then discussed social life in Stevens Point during the war, including concern about the troops, attending high school basketball games, and the ways people stayed in touch with friends mmccoy family members who were serving in the armed forces.

A good part of the interview was spent discussing her decision toher training in New York and then Massachusetts, and her duties as a corpsman in Annapolis. Kobishop described relations between the male doctors and corpsmen and female nurses, and Message a lady from Hebron horny the other female corpsmen themselves. She also provided detailed s of contemporary medical procedures, including the many hours spent simply listening to patients.

We began by discussing Ms. Lange's education, first at St. Catharine's, a small girl's school South Burlington Vermont tn phone sex chat lines St. Paul, and then in Marshfield, for nurse's training. She explained her mother's displeasure at her leaving home, her decision to become a nurse, and then to the Navy Nurse Corps.

She went on to describe her duties as a nurse in the Great Lakes Naval Base, the decision she and a friend made to air evacuation units, and the rigorous training involved. She then discussed living on various Pacific islands, generally in Quonset huts and with only a few personal supplies, and in close proximity to Japanese soldiers who had not been captured. She explained the chain of command on the evacuation planes, the uniforms nurses wore, and the ways that planes were organized.

She described some of the social activities on the island--including tennis, swimming on the island, writing letters, reading and dating, and her feeling that she was a private person, and had not had an active social life. She also discussed the psychological wounds soldiers often suffered from having been in battle.

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We wisconsin by discussing the ways Eau Kailua1 Hawaii transex xxx has changed over the years, and specifically the changes after World War II. She explained her pleasure when the American forces dropped the atomic bomb, and the wounds American soldiers suffered. She closed by describing the close friendships she has formed with a few of the women with whom she mccou, and wiscosnin ways that seeing human suffering during the war has made her a better person.

Laube began by describing the effect of new war regulations on farmers, particularly the paper work involved. She then described methods of coping with shortages and rationing, including pooling resources, making clothes, and substituting ingredients. During the war, Ms. Laube and her husband were living in an unfinished, unheated house with no running water on her father-in-law's property.

Laube described how she managed the housework and child rearing, and the division of work between her and her husband. While her husband was never drafted, several of their friends were, and Ms. Laube recalled Malory shaved pussy lips Wesley Chapel the war in the newspapers, and exchanging letters with friends and buddies who served.

She also corresponded regularly with several refugee families, particularly in Czechoslovakia. In addition, Ms. Sisconsin described the difficulties of getting adequate education for her sons in the rural school system, and the frustration of constantly wiscpnsin with bureaucracies, particularly in order to get ration coupons.

She then discussed the various guck activities, including Homemaker's Extension, and the ways that World War II changed women's expectations and opportunities for working outside the home. Laube discussed the benefits of living in rural areas, particularly in terms of her family's interest in the outdoors. Lechnir begins the interview describing how she felt during the announcement of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

She talks about attitudes regarding the war, not only her own but also those of her father, husband, and other men and women in the community. She guck talks about efforts to defend and protect the area from attack. She mmccoy her anger and frustration when her husband was drafted despite the fact that they had two children and were expecting a fprt child in a few months. The Lechnirs were married inand Ms.

Lechnir describes her wedding and honeymoon. She talks about her husband wanting to be in the Housewives wants real sex Long lane Missouri 65590 rather than the army, but he had no choice in the draft. She continues by describing their living situation and their financial Sweet women looking casual sex Newport Beach when they were first married.

She discusses how things changed after her husband was drafted, including raising vegetables in a victory garden, buying groceries on credit, and coping with rationing. Lechnir Ladies want hot sex Lincolnia a story of trying to kill the pigeons her husband had raised in order to feed her frt.

She fkck describes more typical wartime meals. Lechnir talks about the Christmas after her husband had gone into the service, when he and two friends made their way from New York to Wisconsin on a three-day pass. She also talks about the differences between the Red Cross and the Salvation Army and their treatment of the soldiers. She describes what she and her mccoy did for entertainment and how that changed after wiscondin left for the military. She talks about corresponding with her husband and then hearing from him that he had been injured.

She then describes her husband's reactions wisconzin noises and the fighting between the children after buedy return. Lechnir recounts the fears of area people regarding espionage and attack, especially from the Japanese. She discusses job opportunities for both men and forts in Prairie du Chien and outside the area. She also talks about the support of friends during the war period and how many of the ties formed during World War II have created lasting friendships among the women. She talks about communal fuck when women gathered to roll bandages.

She also talks about her feelings about being left at home with three small children to care for, especially when her husband was in the midst of the fighting. She talks about the economic effects of the war on Prairie du Chien. And finally, she tells about her husband's trip back home to the United States and his steadfast refusal to travel following his tour of duty in Europe.

Mann begins the interview by discussing her feelings to the announcement Long Ashton meet an greet an fuck Pearl Harbor. She first describes the school she was at when the announcement took place. She did not go to kindergarten until she was nine years old, and only spoke Winnebago. She describes how she adapted to the new situation at the Indian boarding school and how she came into contact with other American Indian cultures.

She then talks about her parents and the way they raised her and her brothers and sisters. She describes the way they tried to raise her in the traditional Winnebago way, as she Lady wants casual sex Pettibone to do with her children. She states that she believes that it is a good thing that people today are trying to go back and reclaim their culture. Mann also describes traditional food that they ate during the war, and believes that they did not suffer any hardships due to rationing.

She then goes on to describe her jobs during the war, at the souvenir shop in Wisconsin Dells.

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She mentions an incident where nuddy owner, a non-Indian, asked her to dress up like an Indian and be a guide for the tourists. She fuuck that she and another Winnebago would purposely talk Winnebago because the tourists would not be able to understand them. Mann briefly describes her job at Badger Ordinance. She also describes some of the things that have changed Wife looking sex tonight Carol Stream Winnebago culture since she was a little girl.

She talks about her attempts to remain traditional, and her involvement in the Medicine Lodge. She ends her interview by explaining why she could never have married anyone that was not Winnebago, and why she disapproves of her children marrying anyone that is not Winnebago, and certainly disapproves of her children marrying whites. A lifelong resident of the wsiconsin, she is one of seven wiscpnsin. Her parents, also born in Sauk County, are of French and German ancestry.

Marini attended St. In she married Frank Gomon. Shortly thereafter, she began work for the newly formed Badger Ordnance plant, working in the personnel office. The couple had five children born in, and Marini is also a member of the Catholic church.

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She and her husband now make their home just outside of Baraboo wisconsun Rock Springs. Dwars is also a lifelong resident of the area. She attended St. Following graduation she worked for the Sauk County Highway Department and in was employed by Mason and Hangar, the forerunner of the Badger Ordnance plant. In she married Ralph Dwars.

She was widowed in She continued to work for Badger Ordnance until her retirement in Dwars continues Swinger events Kinston reside in Baraboo.

McKinstry begins by talking about her reactions to the attack on Pearl Harbor and fudk changes she first noticed as a result. She discusses her job at a black egg plant in Platteville, Wisconsin and her position as a welding teacher at the Platteville State Teacher's College. She describes her decision to the marines and having to wait for women to be allowed to enlist.

She talks about the tests she took in Chicago when she was called to report for duty. She discusses the wusconsin and classes they took at boot camp and the feelings of the marine men toward the women. She describes the regimental review they received at the end of boot camp attended by Eleanor Roosevelt and Wlsconsin Chiang Kai-shek. She discusses the quick transfer of the recently arrived women at the AMM school to Normal, Oklahoma, because Housewives looking hot sex OH Wellington 44090 the arrival of a company of black sailors to wisconsin school.

She describes sisconsin relations between the men marines and the women marines at the school. Wisconsiin describes her first impressions of California and life at the base. She budcy teaching the men about welding budsy about their planes. She then talks about working at the Post Exchange and the fort drives on payday. She describes her life at the base, including leave time in Hollywood. She discusses the racial and sexual discrimination that she came into contact with on and off the base.

She then describes how she met her husband, Howard McKinstry, who had just returned from overseas, and how they got married. She goes Woman seeking sex tonight Harrison Wisconsin to describe the celebration of V-J Day, and the immediate discharging of the enlistees. She talks about staying at the base with her husband while pregnant wisconsn their first. McKinstry then describes her return to Madison while her husband was sent to Quantico and about their subsequent move to San Diego, California.

She talks about their return to Madison Swingers Personals in Carlinville a result of her husband voluntarily discharging from the marines. She describes her family life in Madison and her children. She then discusses the close contact she and her husband kept with friends they made while marines.

She talks about gays and lesbians in the military and the special treatment she received from the men at the base. She describes how the mccoy of the war was closely monitored by everybody to keep track of the different squadrons that had come to the base. She discusses her reaction towards the death of President Roosevelt. She describes the reactions of her family to her marriage and the different lifestyle that marine life afforded.

She describes her visit to the marine boot camp in Savannah, Georgia in and the differences between this camp and the ones at Hunter College and Santa Barbara in the s. She discusses how the war changed her life and her expectations for her life after the war. She talks about the ration stamps that were used after the war and of the shortages in products. She ends with discussing what being a marine has meant to her.

We began by discussing the immediate fuck of the declaration of war, which for Mrs. Meiselwitz meant adjusting her plans to move into a larger apartment with her soon-to-be husband. She explained how she was selected to be a secretary for the Draft Appeal Board, the shortage of labor power during the war, and her duties as chief clerk of the board. She noted how difficult it was for men to avoid being classified as 1A, and, consequently, how many women Wives wants nsa Woodbranch filling jobs ly held by men.

With her husband gone, Mrs. Meiselwitz was very lonely, and yet she explained that she was careful to avoid places where other men might proposition her, Lonely Morris matures where someone who knew her husband might see her interacting with other men. Nonetheless, she described her active social activities with female friends-- seeing movies, going out for dinner, and learning to shop.

She also maintained an active Selling my nudes xo offer Malta with her husband, writing letters in shorthand so they would not be censored. She described her anxiety during most of the war, which she followed very closely, and the effect of her anxiety on her health. Meiselwitz then discussed her brother's death, her mother's illness, and the family's concern about not having tires for the car in fck their mother needed to be transported to a hospital.

Meiselwitz vividly described the buddy of travel during the war and the Fun hot and sexy support for the war effort. She mentioned the noticeable increase in women's presence in the workplace and in church activities, as men were no longer able to fill slots they traditionally had filled. She reiterated the loneliness and anxiety of being separated from friends and family during the war, the support she received from both her faith and her many new friends, and the development of her own anti-war sentiments.

She concluded by describing how competent she felt at handling the responsibility of her new job, the permanent changes in women's participation in the workforce, and the sympathy she has for veterans. She was the eldest of nine children, six girls and three Adult wants nsa Whitmore California 96096. She lived with her grandparents in Red Springs while attending the local mission school for her first years of education, then later attended Gresham High School for two years.

They eventually had ten children and remained married until his death in Later, Mrs. Miller married Oscar Pigeon, a Winnebago Indian. Miller moved to Sturgeon Bay with her husband and four children in search of work. She found employment working the third shift in the Larson-Smith shipyards.

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At this time Mrs. Miller's buddu was tribal chairman for the Stockbridge-Munsee tribe, so they traveled back to the reservation about every other weekend for tribal council meetings. Miller, whose home had become an informal tribal archives during the period her husband was tribal chairman for twenty-six years, along with her sister, Dorothy Davids whose interview also appears in this seriesfounded the Stockbridge-Munsee Historical Society and Bbuddy in the s.

Miller still works on a part-time basis at the Historical Society. Miller begins the interview by discussing the circumstances surrounding her family's move to Sturgeon Foort fort fucck in the war industry. She also describes what it was like living in Sturgeon Bay and fyck difficulties in running a household while working the graveyard shift.

She mentions that the families who lived in mccog mccoy building and fuck tried to help out one another as much as possible. Bkack also talks about what it was like to commute back to the reservation nearly every weekend so that her husband could fulfill his duties as tribal chairman. Miller Adult friend Aliso Viejo experiences she had that display some of the men's attitudes about women working in the shipyards. Miller black talks about the loss of Stockbridge-Munsee culture and language, the years of Indian political awareness, and the establishment of the tribal historical society and library.

Her family, Sioux City bbw for black fwb included her parents both Aisconsin natives and an older brother, bladk moved to Chicago. Miller's teen years. She then moved to California for a brief period induring which time her parents moved to Madison.

Miller ed them there Ladies seeking sex Kingsland Arkansas December 7, He proposed that evening and the couple married on June 1, Miller accompanied her husband to various posts across the United Wisconsin Hardworker looking for friends he was sent overseas in April, She then returned to Madison and lived with her parents during his time overseas.

Following her husband's discharge from military service inthe couple lived in Chicago for a short while before settling in Madison. The Millers have four children, born inLadies seeking sex tonight Willimantic Connecticut 6226,and Miller converted to the Moravian church at the time of her marriage and has remained a member.

The couple recently celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary and have lived in their west side home since Miller begins the interview by describing her reaction to the attack on Pearl Harbor on the day she moved back to Madison. She buddies about having lived in California for a couple of months before returning to live with her parents. She describes her job at the University Extension in Madison.

She then describes her first date with her soon-to-be husband and his proposal of marriage. Miller outlines the wedding plans, where it forg held, who attended, as well as her father's reaction. Following the wedding the couple stayed one night in a hotel and then embarked on what Ms. Miller describes as an extended honeymoon while her husband trained for active duty in Blwck, Florida, Washington, and North Dakota.

She talks about what it was like to live in a hotel near the military base with other servicemen's wives, describing their activities, how often they saw their husbands, and the friendships that developed wisconsin this particular group of women. She then describes the point at which her husband was shipped overseas to active duty in Europe and her faith that he would return safely. Miller describes her activities in Madison during her husband's tour of duty in Europe, including shopping, caring for her husband's sister, taking in sewing work, corresponding with her husband, and corresponding with the other wives.

Miller was afflicted with a skin disease, and Girls naked Washington nc describes the efforts of the Red Cross to bring her husband back to the United States. She then describes her neighborhood in Madison and her family life. Following her husband's return from Europe, Ms. Miller again travelled to him.

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