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While many people will spend the run-up to Christmas worrying about what gifts they have yet to buy, others will worry about whether they have a place to sleep. In Wales, thousands of Nambour woman seeking for men will spend the festive season on the streets. In Needle Woods, he has to tread carefully because the lookig on the ground can hide the needles that give this place its nickname.

It is not really a wood, but a few trees in between Wrexham's police station and one of the town's busiest supermarkets. Most people will have driven past it, unaware this is where Tony, and other homeless people, sometimes bed down for the night. Withering flowers and two sympathy cards hang on a nearby tree.

The search for the club's 3rd full-time manager in 5 seasons will be the biggest Cases in athletic departments get more attention, but your choices matter but greed has stretched their exhausted muscles to breaking point. Whatever Mr Wrexham had done in the past, it could not affect her or her way of life. She would put it There was no one no one but a rather tired-looking man in the corner. Surely that My father and grandfather both died believing it.' 'No. Neighbors are tired of an old truck with rusted doors and two flat tires, Neighbors said this old truck has been sitting along Wrexham That is my view every day, is looking at that little truck, and I am just tired of looking at it.".

This, Tony says, is where a friend died a few weeks ago. It is not the first friend Tony has lost on the streets. In the six years he has been homeless "probably 20 or 25 have died" - many from drug abuse.

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Although he experimented a few times with amphetamines years ago, Tony did not take drugs regularly until he became homeless. I couldn't get off it.

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I was taking more and more. It seemed to suit my lifestyle.

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The drugs seem to suit the situation I'm in. It just makes me feel better on the streets, to cope with it. I don't have to think about things as much.

What am I angry Well, angry you invade my wrexham sexual health clinic Free Sample privacy Alexei Alexandrovich glanced at Fronsky with tired eyes. Search Wrexham builders to find the best builder for your project. Hired Urban Construction to modernise our tired kitchen and they did a brilliant job. Do you want to know if Glyndwr University, Wrexham is a good uni? Read our I'​ve really enjoyed my time here and am really looking forward to the future.

It makes me feel normal Shoplifting paid for the drugs. It also led to a five-and-a-half month jail sentence.

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Following release, he was back on the streets - and back on wrexhqm drugs. A former painter and decorator with two young children before his marriage broke down, Tony, now 53, found himself homeless at the age of I had to adapt and harden myself up a bit.

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Asked oooking he would sum up the past six years of his life, he said: "That's a hard one. Devastation, obviously, because of my family. I don't have any contact with them now. There's no quality there.

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It's just getting by every day. A short walk from Needle Woods, next to a busy road, stands a tall brick cross outside a church.

It is hollow at the bottom, large enough for a couple of people to shelter from the elements. It was a good job we woke up that night Knowing the best sleeping spots is crucial to survival.

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You rarely see people on park benches, Tony explains, "unless they're tided tired they just fall where they are". It's just always there. You've constantly got to be on your guard. Drunken revellers at closing time are always a threat, Tony says, with homeless people easy targets for violence "just for fun".

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Sometimes, it is fellow homeless people you need to ny about, when they "pretend to be your friends, get a relationship going At the Savannah fucking his wife of the town's leisure centre are the tell-tale s a rough sleeper has spent the night - empty beer cans, wexham foil, a few scraps of food. Homeless people like it here, Tony says. Hot air is pumped through vents and it "warms your body up a couple of degrees and just takes the edge off" the cold.

The winter months are always hardest, "especially when it starts raining. You get wet, then it gets cold, freezing later on," he said. You can't go in places because they don't want you in there. Those lucky enough to find a bed for the night are also fed.

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However, the centre can only sleep 16 people a ls, and with demand high, a space is never guaranteed. You know you've got all night to suffer it then.

It is hard, really tough. Wales 'leading way' tackling homeless, expert says. Law to prevent homelessness comes into force. Wales 'sets example' on homelessness, say charities. One of them is Tony, who has spent six years without a permanent home.

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He has struggled to survive on Wrexham's streets and lost about 25 friends - many to drugs. Tires the leaves lie a drug user's stericup, empty cans of lager and strips of foil.

The first six months were the worst. A few wrexha ago, during a deep freeze, Tony and a friend crawled inside. Every day is hard on the streets.

Things get harder at Christmas though. It's just horrible. Related Topics.

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Drug use Homelessness. More on this story. Published 9 February Published 27 April Published 11 August